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Why it's Important to have makeup done professionally for your wedding day!

Updated: May 29, 2020

Listen, I understand not everyone loves makeup like me, however I want to explain why it's important to get your makeup done professionally on your big day!

Reason 1: ITS A HUGE DAY IN YOUR LIFE!!! You already have sooo much to be prepareed for and deal with for your big day, everything can be extremely overwhleming. Getting your makeup and hair done, is that one time during the day where you can truely sit back, relax and get pampered.

Reason 2: Yes, you could do your own, but we all have those times where we get frustrated with our eyeliner, or brows and want to give up allll together!! Getting your makeup done takes that stress of making sure your look is perfect away. On top of that, Makeup Artists know what products will work best for you, and know how to properly do makeup for photography, which brings me to my next and final point!

Reason 3: On your wedding day, you will have a professional photographer taking your photos allllll day. They use HIGH quality cameras that pick up on everything. Makeup Artists know how to do makeup for professional photos and know what looks good in photography and what doesn't.For example, it is sooo important to highlight and contour the face properly for photo's because with flash or in certain lighting our face can loose all definition so by creating highlights and shadows on the face, you wont look washed out in photos. Makeup Artists also know how to make eye shape, and eye color pop in photos!

I always tell my brides, its better to go with a little bit more makeup than you would usually wear for your wedding day because it's a long day and over time certain products such as blush and bronzer will fade due to your natural oils peeking through your makeup and hugging and kissing all your guests! Also Photos don't always pick up on detail so usually you look like you are wearing less makeup than you actually are. If you go to natural with the makeup, you could look washed out with flash photography. I do makeup for TV commercials as well, and one of the things I learned is the camera alllllwaaaayyys makes the makeup look more natural than it actually is, so adding just a little bit more can make such a difference!!!!

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