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How to fill in Sparse/thin Eyebrows

As a Makeup artist I've realized just how important eyebrows are. They frame your face! Depending on the shape of your brow they can manipulate the shape of your face and eyes. Unfortunately I have not been blessed with good eyebrows, but thats nothing a little makeup can't fix!

Things to consider when filling in brows:

Are my brows too thin or too thick?

      -  I recommend getting your brows threaded, In my opinion it is more precise than waxing and gives the best shape. WARNING: its hurtssssss like a b*tch. 

What products am I using? Are they helping me achieve a natural defined brow and are they the right color for me? 

       - Typically you want to go a few shades darker if you have blonde/light hair and a few shades lighter if you have dark hair. Also make sure you do some research on reputable brands to use such as, Anastasia Beverly Hills (Queen of Brows), and TooFaced.

Do I have a shape that flatters my face?

     - Playing around with the shapes of your brows may take a little while till you find one that works with your face. Typically a slight arch is the way to go. But remember no matter what shape you chose, BLENDING is key. Yes, you want a defined brow but ladiessss stop it with this sharpie marker, boxed out, overly concealed brows, it's just not flattering!!! It just makes your face look harsh and angry.

okay so now that I covered some things to think about lets get into how to actually fill in your brows in simples terms.

5 Easy steps:

1. You'll need your eyebrow pencil/powder of your choice, a small angled brush, concealer and eyebrow gel/wax.

2. First start by underlining for eye brow then lightly outline the top of the brow and form the arch. 

3. Then blend the two lines inward. Blending Is KEY.

4. once you get to the front of the brow do not add any more product and just use the excess product that is already on the brush. 

5. Lastly, take a small concealer brush and underline/clean up underneath your brows to give a more defined and clean look, and set them with a  brow gel.

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