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How far in advance should I book out my trial? You should book your trial 6 months- 1 year before the wedding. It is better to book sooner rather than later because there is no guarantee I will have your wedding date open if you wait to do the trial!

How do I book you for my wedding date? In order to book, I do require a contract to be signed, and a deposit to hold the date. Until I have those two things, you are not fully booked, and if I receive another inquiry for your date I will entertain it. This is why, it is best to do your trial ASAP because once the trial is done you have 5 days to get me both the contract and deposit to officially book and hold your date. 

If you love my work, and already know you want to use me for the big day, you can sign the contract and give me the deposit, and we can do a trial at a later date. Again YOU ARE NOT FULLY BOOKED until contract and deposit is received, inquiring about a date does not mean I will hold it. My business is always growing and expanding and each year gets busier and busier so it is best to book sooner rather than later.

How long does each makeup take? This all depends on the type of look you want. Event makeup takes about an hour, Prom makeup takes about 45 minutes, Bridesmaids/MOB/MOG takes 35-45 minutes and Bridal Makeup takes 1 hour. For intricate work such as a cut crease and glitter, that will take 1 hour-1 ½ hours.

Do you travel? Yes, I do travel. For far distances (1 hour or more), I do require a 2 person minimum. I do charge for travel, and this all depends on miles, times, tolls etc. I do NOT travel for trials. All trials are done in my in-home studio, however I will come to you the day of the wedding or event!

Is there anything I need to bring or do before an appointment? There is nothing you need to bring for an appointment. I provide all the makeup, including; moisturizer if needed, face makeup, eye shadow, lip products, false lashes and more. If you would like to show me inspiration pictures of makeup you like, that is fine, but that is all you would need to bring with you.

 I do require all clients to come with a clean face. If you have moisturizer/serum on that is fine.  The night before an appointment, I highly recommend lightly exfoliating and getting off all the dead skin on your face, and make sure to moisturize after exfoliating. Makeup always looks better on top of exfoliated skin, and it lasts longer as well.

Do you work alone? For most jobs yes I do work alone, however, for bigger bridal parties (7 or more) I can bring 1-2 artists with me. This all depends on the amount of time you have to get ready, what time everyone needs to be ready by, etc.

Do you take wedding bookings with short notice? I am always willing to accommodate my clients, old and new. If I happen to have your wedding date open, and you are only booking a couple months in advance, I have no problem accommodating you. I do recommend booking well in advance, but there is a chance I could have an opening. In a situation like this, I would recommend getting the contract signed and deposit to me ASAP. Keep in mind, I also do Event Makeup, Birthday makeup, Sweet 16’s, school dances and more so even thought that date is open for me a couple months before your wedding, that doesn’t mean it will stay open.