Foundation For oily skin types

Helloooo, so today’s post is going to be choosing foundations and other makeup products for oily skin types. Oily skin can be difficult at times because you apply your makeup and then an hour later you look in the mirror and your face looks like a shiny, greasy mess. Dewy skin is IN, but trust me there is a difference between dewy and oily!! 

Things to know:

ALWAYS moisturize, oily or not, your skin needs moisture. I know a lot of people think they don’t have to moisturize if their skin is oily to begin with but you still have to! If you don't then your skin will just produce more oil to compensate for the moisture you're not giving your skin. Plus moisturizer makes foundation go on better.

PRIME!! Priming is a must. It will create a barrier between your skin and your foundation and prevent the oils from making their way through your makeup. It also fills in any fine lines and pores to give a more flawless look :)

Pick a Foundation that suites your skin. Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to foundation so try some out and see what works best, but make sure whatever you choose has a MATTE finish to increase the wear time of your foundation during the day.

PoWDER! Any creams you put on your face should be set with a powder on oily skin, to lock the products in place! I personally like to use a shine control powder and a setting powder together :)

To learn about more tips and tricks on how to control those oils, and learn about some product recommendations, checkout my youtube video!! 

How to fix Broken Powders (eyeshadows,face powder)

We have all had those days where we drop our beloved eyeshadows and powders and cringe opening up the package hoping its not shattered, annnddd 9 times out of 10, it is :(. Well I'm going to tell you how to bring those products back to life in a few easy steps! 

You will need:

Rubbing alcohol 

Disposable makeup spatula (or any small flat surface)


First take the rubbing alcohol and pour it onto the product and you want to make sure you get enough on the product to create a thick paste. 

Second, then take your spatula or any flat service such as a coin and flatten the product as much as you can. It won't be perfect, but It will be better than being in one billion pieces. 

Third, once you flattened the product and cleaned it up then take a tissue and press it with little pressure onto the product to soak up any extra alcohol and flatten the product even more. Annnnnddd voila your powder is back in one piece. Leave over night to dry and you are good to go :)

Watch Video to see how I fixed my BB Powder :)